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Social Scan of Contacts

Every contacts email's added to our people module is scanned for public social information in the Internet. We use a powerful api for this.

Scanning contacts

This process is internal to FeelBack, and there is no action required by the user. If your contact was imported or added to the people section and it has no public social information it may be a contact with a new email or has no social public information available thru the email used.

Re-scanning contacts

To rescan a contact you should remove the contact from your people list and re-import or re-add them. This way our internal scanning api will do the work for you.

Social Information for Contacts

You may see all contact information once your contact is added to people, the following image shows how this information is displayed:

Using our social scan feature in people will bring extra insights for your marketing and support team. Knowing more your users you will control better your resource and take advantage of better user data.

Updated 4 years ago

Social Scan of Contacts

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