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It's important to know that our products & services are restricted to a Usage policies information. you can find more details on this page.

The part related to the API in our terms and conditions are:


L.1 We provide an API to help you connect third party software to your data or for exporting your data from FeelBack. As a result, information you share on FeelBack may be accessed by applications through the API, provided you have given your permission. Your login details will never be shared.

L.2 You agree to comply with any additional API conditions or terms of use that we may introduce from time to time. You must not use the API to replicate the services provided by FeelBack.

C.3 To use the service, you may provide us with your customers’ email addresses and you may provide us with your customers’ names and any other relevant business identifiers such as account numbers (“Customer Information”). You can provide Customer Information to us directly or by connecting us with your customer email database(s) via an app or API. You agree that we may send in your outgoing emails or integrate your website to and not limited to FeelBack. You accept that GPS information may be sent thru our FeelBack App for the solely use of your own analytics and mapping services delivered only thru our analytic platform.

Remember each of this articles for the use of this API.

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