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People & Contact FeelSense

In this section we address how our NPS is measured. Using a integrated platform for all your NPS sources is important to know clearly the direction and improvements needed in all your organization.

About FeelSense

People FeelSense is the way to measure the NPS (Net promoter score) of all your contacts, thru out your sources connected to FeelBack. The measurement goes from 0% to 100%. To show better the measurement you can see the following image:

Use FeelBack sources to measure your NPS in every area of your organization. Making your users been heard and happier, making your organization grow in the right direction!

FeelSense around FeelBack.io

Our feelsense measures are around our platform. It can be seen and analyzed at Insights and in different locations in our platform. You will see it in a percent format like the following image:

In Campaigns:

People & Contacts:

Insights & Analytics:

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People & Contact FeelSense

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