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Introduction to Data Sources Types

Sources are all the data points in our analytic cloud, including a device using our FeelBack App or a Q code installed on your website. In this article, we will demonstrate all the types of sources available at FeelBack.

Adding a Source

To add a source, you just need to sign into your account at https://app.feelback.io and go to Sources. Next, press the "+" icon as depicted in the image below:

This will open the New Source dialog in which you can select the type of source you would like.


Add FeelBack to your website or app and add a powerful and easy-to-use feedback solution to your business. Just copy and paste the code at your section.

Here is an example in a Hello World page.

  <title>Hello World</title>
  <!-- Paste FeelBack Embed Code -->

Once added in your web app code you will see running by refreshing your page.


Advanced Settings

You can control various settings of our FeelWeb embed code. Please check our FeelWeb Advanced Settings documentation for more information.

FeelBack App

FeelBack is our iOS or Android app. You can install it on any tablet or mobile device. Our FeelBack faces will show up once you sign in with your credentials. To install the app, simply follow the links to the appropriate AppStore:

Once installed in your tablet of preference you may configure the questions to be shown in your web admin.

Campaigns (Feelback thru email)

Campaigns are the type of source used for sending easy to use feedback emails to your contacts. This type of source is intended for email delivery applications, and can be triggered thru the web admin and thru the feelback api.

You can know more about Campaigns here!


If you need a more custom integration (for example, your mobile app, desktop app or your program in any type of programming language) and need to add a feedback service without the hassle of analytics, or if you need to complement your organization’s feedback ecosystem to areas other than your website, web app or devices, FeelAPI is the way to go!

Please visit our Getting Started with FeelAPI for more information.

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Introduction to Data Sources Types

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