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Introduction to Campaigns

This sections explains the features available thru campaigns and explains in detail why it can become an important source of feedback from your users and customers.

What are Campaigns in FeelBack?

It's a module that lets you create campaigns with some settings like logo, question to ask and more. You can later select people to send them emails for feedbacks on a particular question, or even send them thru api calls for better integrations in your workflow.

Why and where should campaigns be used.

Sometimes your business workflow needs to be measured in a way, for example you need to measure feedback on a online purchase or a order delivery, or just need to send to a group of users a email to know their Net Promoter Score (FeelSense).

How can I send FeelBack emails to my users?

There are two ways to send email to your users thru our Campaign module.

You can add your users into our People module. You may refer more about how to do this in our People Documentation Section.

You can integrate into your business workflows and trigger FeelBack emails to your users, using our API. Please refer to Api Reference section in Campaigns.

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Introduction to Campaigns

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