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How to use Question Rules in FeelWeb

If you need to ask a specific question of your users or visitors on your website or web app, you may use Question Rules in your domain source to more precisely measure their sentiments.

1. Your domain must be connected

Please make sure your domain is connected to FeelBack. To see how to do this, please watch our video below:

2. Open Edit Source for your domain

Go to "Sources" and open your domain properties dialog with the edit icon as shown in the image below:

3. Add a rule

Start adding your first rule with the "+" icon.

4. Add a default rule

If you want to set a different default rule to be asked on your website or web app, add a default rule as shown in the image below:

5. Add your custom rules

You can start adding custom rules using the URL pattern of your website or web app, as shown in the following image:

This new rule applies to all pages in which the URL has the word "/registration/." For these pages, the word "Registration" will be prompted to the user or visitor.

6. For multi-language question rules

You may add your questions in different languages by adding a rule as shown in the following image:

This will show the question "Sitio Web" for all pages with an "/es/" in the url. If your multi-language site uses a domain for Spanish like: http://es.yourdomain.com, you can then change the url Pattern like "es."