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Create Your App

Here is the step by step to create a new App to use with FeelBack API, every app created will count as a Source, and will let you organize your sentiment data for easy insights.


Use a SandBox App

You may create a SandBox App, this will let you create a Source that will not count as active source and you may used it for testing proposes. Once your app is working you may change the source_hash to the final App.

SandBox App will only have a one (1) day data retention.

1. Add your app as a source

Go to "Sources" and add a source with the following bottom:

2. Add your app properties

In the Add a New Source window, select the FeelBack API and type the name of your app, and then click "Create Source."

3. Get your api_key and source_hash

Once your app is created in your account, open the properties of the source by pressing the thumbnail at the left side of your source name.

Please read the API documentation and use the credentials provided for your source and start integrating your apps to your powerful feedback platform.

Updated 2 years ago

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