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Creating your First Campaign

So you have decided to send your users a very simple email to find out how they feel with your service, product, order, organization etc.

Here we explain how to do start:


Important Requirment

Your need to have a valid FeelBack account, just in case :)

1. Create your First Campaign

Once you are in your account, go to Campaigns and press the New Campaign bottom. Please fill the name and select a type for your campaign.


Campaigns Types

We offer two types of campaigns to suite best your needs:
Send to people contacts. this option is suited for sending one time feedback emails to your contacts in People.
Send using API calls. this option is ideal for integrating feedback emails in our workflows or legacy systems. You may trigger a feedback email when a action is done in your business workflows and our system will do the rest for you.

Once you are ready please press Create & Configure

2. Configure your Campaign

Once you have successfully created your first campaign you will be forwarded to the Campaign Console. Here you will finish your campaign settings.

The campaign console has some tabs for customizing your email delivery, please read each of the settings tabs for better understanding of every option.

Here is a small description of the Settings tabs available:

  • Name & Question: Here you can change the name of the campaign, select the question you want to send in the email. Some specific options like Notify me when, will enable FeelBack notifications when received.
  • Logo & Email: Customize the branding for your email when sent to your users in this tab.
  • People Segments: This tab is only visible when the Type of Campaign is selected: Send to Segment... and this let's you create the filters to and group the users for the email to be sent.
  • Schedule & Send: Configure when you want to start sending the campaign to your users.


People Segments

You may read our People Segments section for more details on how to set it up.

3. Set Live your Campaign

Once all configuration have been saved, you can set the schedule and set live your campaign. This is done in the Campaign Console and the Schedule & Send Tab. As seen in the following image:


Once your Campaign is live you may see the metrics of all your campaigns in our Campaign section. Here you can see our first campaign:

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Creating your First Campaign

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