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Introduction to Questions on FeelAPP Sources

Once you install your first devices using FeelAPP, you can add up to three (3) questions to each of them.


Why can only three questions be used per device?

Our service is based on human interactions, and we want to know a person’s feelings on specific questions as easily and quickly as possible. We know that we need to have fewer questions to catch people’s attention; therefore, we recommend limiting it to 1 to 2 questions max per device, but, for some scenarios, 3 is ok.

Add your questions

To add your questions to FeelBack, you must go to the "Questions" section and click on the icon with the "+" sign. The following dialog box will open up:

Short Name stands for que small human readable text that will be used on our analytics instead of showing the complete question.

Write Question is the text box in which you type the complete question you want to ask. In order to keep it simple, we limit this to 45 characters. Longer questions result in people taking more time, which makes them lose interest.

Question Reasons


Starter Plan up feature

Question Reasons is not available in the Free Plan, but it's available from the Starter Plan and up.

Reasons give a powerful analytic option for users that press the Normal or Angry faces to express one option of three on the topic that they may not be happy about.

Once you check on the Reason option, you may type from one to three reasons to prompt the user, and then Normal and Angry faces are pressed.

Relate Questions to your FeelAPP Source

Our last step is to add our new questions to our FeelAPP source(s). To do this, go to the "Sources" section, click the edit icon, and you will see the following image:

Once the Edit Source dialog box opens, you can add your questions in the Question Rules section as shown in the image below:


Question Order

You can add up to three (3) questions per source. Please add them in the order you want them to be asked to people.

Let's look at a Hello World Scenario

Here we explain an everyday case study and the questions you may ask for this specific scenario:


The Case Study

A large hotel chain wants guests to indicate during the checkout process how they felt about their stay. The hotel has experienced negative customer reviews on their social media pages and TripAdvisor. Therefore, they seek to find out what is negatively affecting their customer satisfaction level as soon as possible during checkout.

Here is the question layout they have configured as a Question at FeelBack.io.

The Question:

Question Reasons:


Discover where improvements need to be made!

It's very important to set this option as it will indicate the areas in which the hotel needs to improve.
The hotel defines three main areas related to customer relationships. These can be anything related to your service or product that directly affects your customers.

The Hotel uses as reason their main three areas of customer relationship points. These can be anything that your service or product directly affects people in the location and target you want to discover.


Remember to relate this question to your device.

Let's see how this question works on our FeelApp

Once the question is added in Question Rules on your FeelApp, you will see an image similar to the following:

Once the user selects the Normal (Orange) or Angry (Red) faces, the user will be prompted to state the reason why he/she felt that way.


If no reason is given, the timer will set the screen back to the question and will save the user’s answer without the question, so you don't miss anything.

Final Tips!

FeelBack.io is not just another survey software. Your users, customers and employees are people who interact socially based on how they feel that particular day. We have designed and patented our approach to discover user sentiments in a very easy and human way.

Use your imagination on ways to utilize our method in order to determine how your customers feel about anything you may ask them.



Keep it simple to read, understand and answer! The whole process should not take more than 3 seconds per question in order to respect your user’s time and keep them happy by offering a simple way to tell you what needs to be improved.

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Introduction to Questions on FeelAPP Sources

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